Win Loss Analysis: Priority Interviews


When faced with unexpected sales losses in key or critical accounts, leaders need to gain insights quickly, especially if other similar deals are in flight – and possibly at risk.

To address these situations, Veralytics is introducing Win Loss Analysis: Priority Interviews. While the sample sizes are low, there is information to be gleaned by having independent, in-depth conversations with decision-makers. Leading indicators of dissatisfaction and other deal-impacting factors come to the forefront during the conversational, yet probing approach Veralytics uses with in these interviews.

Though these Priority Interviews, Veralytics gives you the power to know:

  • How your product/services compare to the competition
  • If pricing or value issues made a difference
  • The impact of marketing on the deal
  • How your sales force and account team fared during the sales cycle

Our proven methodology is built around three discrete phases:

  • Capture accurate and unbiased information directly from buyers: Veralytics has developed a tuned research instrument designed to reduce both question and response bias, ensuring the most accurate outcomes possible. Our field analysts are seasoned professionals who are trained to actively listen to customers, seek honest, candid responses and to probe for underlying sentiment in a way that only an unbiased third party can.
  • Isolate insights that drive purchasing decisions: There can be a vast chasm between what people say and what they do. Veralytics understands the actions ¬†that affect buying behavior, and those that don’t – allowing our clients to focus on the insights that matter.
  • Develop actionable recommendations that will improve performance: Our account teams are experienced Sales, Marketing and Product practitioners who understand business dynamics as well as the research and statistics behind them. Each recommendation that we deliver must be: 1) actionable 2) supported by fact, and 3) tied to performance improvement.