Who We Help

Whether your customer is king or is just always right, most people agree that customers are the most important part of any organization. Yet most companies struggle to truly know their customers – and fewer still have a systematic way to manage and apply customer knowledge across the enterprise.

Veralytics helps organizations get beyond the annual user conferences and satisfaction surveys. We capture and amplify the Voice of the Customer to provide insights that improve business. While these insights are important to the entire organization, to Corporate Executives, Marketing, and Sales Management, they are critical.

Corporate Executives

In the world of finite resources, organizations can only do so much. And lately, most companies are being asked to do even more with even less. Making the tough calls on which initiatives to undertake and which ones to cut is not an easy task.

Veralytics offers solutions that provide real, strategic insights driven by in-depth interviews with decision-makers and influencers in your target market. Below are just a few ways we’ve helped Corporate Executives in the past:

  • Gain an unbiased view of what your most important customers think about sales, support, product innovation, and company direction
  • Clearly understand how prospects see you versus your competitors
  • Measure the true effectiveness of your marketing efforts
  • Discover which parts of your business are working well and which parts need improvement

Marketing Management

While marketing encompasses a broad range of activities, at the heart of all marketing sits a deep and thorough understanding of the target market and the people involved in the buying process. By engaging directly with Buyers and Influencers in your target markets, Veralytics can provide accurate, real-time insights into buyer behavior. These insights are delivered in solutions that can help marketing:

  • See your company/brand through the eyes of your target market
  • Sharpen messaging to better resonate with buyers
  • Improve positioning by gaining a clearer understanding of critical issues
  • Gain visibility to the competitive landscape through the eyes of the market
  • Get unfiltered feedback on the real reasons why you win or lose deals
  • Measure the effectiveness of each of your marketing channels
  • Evaluate your pricing strategy in relation to perceived value

Sales Management

Although the Sales force is arguably the closest to the customers, it is often most difficult for sales management to get access to the unbiased customer information necessary to build an effective sales organization.

According to a recent industry survey of Sales Leadership, the top 3 challenges facing Sales in 2011 are:

  • Outdated Sales Process – customers have radically changed the way they buy and it is no longer aligned with most sales processes
  • Ineffective Sales Coaching – most sales leaders agree that of all their development initiatives, sales coaching will deliver the biggest payback but few have the necessary tools
  • Poor collaboration between Sales and Marketing – Sales leaders agree that Sales and Marketing are rarely aligned which results in weak lead generation.

Veralytics engages directly with customers and prospects to deliver solutions that address these challenges and many more