Marketing Channel Effectiveness

Marketing Channel Effectiveness Marketing Channel Effectiveness

You don’t have an unlimited budget – finding the right mix between your marketing channels is essential to unlocking the potential in each channel. 

Trade shows, direct sales, print advertising, web advertising, social media, email campaigns – all have widely varying costs and conversion rates. While the temptation is to spend on – or at least participate in – all of the obvious channels, each channel will have it’s own characteristics that must be looked at to understand the effectiveness of each. Most critically, understanding which marketing channel initially engaged your buyers is paramount.

Having a buyer-validated ROI for each marketing channel that you participate in serves as a guideline for future marketing spend.

A Marketing Channel Effectiveness study from Veralytics can answer the following questions:

  • What’s my Marketing ROI for each channel I participate in?
  • Which channel is having the most impact on my buyers?
  • Is my channel spending mix optimized?
  • Am I missing a potential marketing channel that I should be in?
  • Can I safely drop a marketing channel?
  • What should my future spend look like?

Veralytic’s Marketing Channel Effectiveness product has been developed over years of careful testing and refinement to ensure that the recommendations we make lead to more efficient marketing spend. Our proven methodology is built around three discrete phases:

  • Capture accurate and unbiased information directly from your buyers: Veralytics has developed a tuned research instrument designed to reduce both question and response bias, ensuring the most accurate outcomes possible. Our field analysts are seasoned professionals who are trained to actively listen to customers, seeking honest, candid responses and to probe for underlying sentiment in a way that only an unbiased third party can.
  • Isolate insights that influence buyers: There can be a vast chasm between what people say and what they do. Veralytics has built an analytic platform that correlates words and actions to differentiate customer insights that matter from those that don’t – allowing our clients to focus on the insights that matter.
  • Develop actionable recommendations that will improve performance: Our account teams are experienced Sales, Marketing and Product practitioners who understand business dynamics as well as the research and statistics behind them. Each recommendation that we deliver must be: 1) actionable 2) supported by fact, and 3) tied to performance improvement.

Veralytics goes directly to your buyers and analyzes each channel based on both internal data and market-based data, giving you a clear picture of which channels are your best avenues to success.