Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence Competitive Intelligence

You can only know how you are positioned in the marketplace when you truly understand where your competitors stand.

Competitive Intelligence from Veralytics provides executive and management a clear picture of the marketplace – and where that marketplace is headed. We give you the buyer’s perspective how potential buyers view you in relation to your competitors.

Veralytics uncovers the relative strengths and weaknesses between you and your competitors – from the view of the marketplace, and most importantly, your prospects. We use direct, primary intelligence from buyers that have made decisions about buying your product, or your competitor’s product. We find the drivers behind the decisions.

With Competitive Intelligence from Veralytics, we give you the power to know:

  • If your competitor’s offerings are gaining – or losing – marketplace traction
  • Where pricing trends are going
  • Sales tactics being used in your markets – and against you
  • Product trends in your space
  • Competitor’s agility and ability to execute
  • Emerging threats
  • Specific issues, in either product or product delivery
  • Overall marketplace trends
  • Overall marketplace perception of your competitors

Veralytics uncovers competitive insights that are difficult to get by taking the buyer’s perspective. We quickly add domain expertise for your market while leveraging our deep background in sales execution, marketing, strategy and product management and then conduct both primary and secondary research to uncover actionable insights. This approach captures competitive insights that are difficult to get directly. These are insights you can’t get yourself.

Competitive Intelligence backed by strong analytics from Veralytics gives you the ability to both reduce risk from marketplace surprises and to get out in front of your competition. Like all other Veralytics offerings, with a Competitive Intelligence study you’ll get actionable insights.