Analytic Products

Veralytics was founded on the principles of world-class market research coupled with the proclivity for action found in the best management consultancies. Based on insights gained directly from customers and prospects, Veralytics delivers actionable recommendations designed to improve performance. Solutions include:

  • Brand Audit: Brand Audit fine-tunes your understanding of how your target market perceives your company and its strengths and weaknesses. These insights are invaluable for measuring brand performance and quality of marketing messages.
  • Marketing Channel Effectiveness: Marketing Channel Effectiveness measures the return on marketing investment for each active marketing channel and serves as a guideline for future marketing spend.
  • Sales Rep Assessment: Sales Rep Assessment delivers a comprehensive analysis of the factors that drive individual sales rep performance including sales activity, sales outcomes and direct feedback from decision makers.
  • Best Prospect Profile: Best Prospect Profile identifies key characteristics proven to buy, buy quickly, buy often, and/or buy a lot. The profiles are used to identify and prioritize opportunities.
  • Voice of the Customer Study: The Voice of the Customer Study goes beyond typical customer satisfaction by identifying the drivers of satisfaction and key behaviors like buying, renewing and referring.
  • Net Promoter Score: Net Promoter Score captures the essence of your relationship with each of your customers by tracking their willingness to refer your company to a colleague.
  • Future Potential Assessment: Future Potential Assessment provides valuable insights into product differentiation, willingness to pay, and unmet needs that enable companies to stay ahead of the competition and remain focused on product capabilities that drive revenue.
  • Channel Partner Analysis: Channel Partner Analysis looks beyond typical win-loss and adds in critical data from, and about, partners. This allows you to get a full picture of your channel, even though you may be “one degree of separation” from your customers.
  • Competitive Intelligence: Competitive Intelligence provides executive and management a clear picture of the marketplace – and where that marketplace is headed. We give you the buyer’s perspective how potential buyers view you in relation to your competitors.
  • Win Loss Analysis: Win Loss Analysis pinpoints the real reasons why deals were won or lost, from the perspective of the decision makers and influencers.
  • Win Loss Analysis: Priority Interviews:  Priority interviews allows you to quickly understand why a key deal or deals were won or lost in the field.
  • Custom Studies: Custom Studies offer unique solutions for customers with special information needs.  Past studies include buyer analysis, lead scoring analysis, pricing studies, message testing, pre-launch analysis, client experience studies and many others.